​Michael, mainly a common guy who is over a quarter of a century behind him, coming from Krakow (Poland) and living in the vicinity. Also a single by choice, manga collector, perfectionist, realist, pedant, introvert, but most of all lazy in life, and after death, a person to be forgotten. An individual not standing out from the crowd, who chose to live in the present by means of private elimination. For many years, a huge fan of Anime and Manga, exploring these interests at every free moment. Also interested in: wasting time on stupid things, gaining more and more knowledge about the Land of the Cherry Blossoms, casual drawing, learning about new technologies, compulsive listening to many genres of music (for example: Japanese, instrumental, classical, dubstep, nightcore, and many others), casual playing various productions (for example: Tibia, League of Legends, Destiny 2, Osu, The Witcher 3, Genshin Impact and sometimes other games too), watching movies, series, formula 1 racing and football matches from time to time, as well as viewing Youtube and Twitch websites. In general, it is an individual like many on this earth who lives in a continuous and uninterrupted until now cycle of work-home.